Saturday, March 30, 2013

The prairie skies are big and wide...

Deep in the heart of Texas.
I shot this while taking the obligatory Springtime in Texas "Children in the Bluebonnet" photos. Actually, this is the first year I have ever taken Bluebonnet photos. They are quiet beautiful.

Entered into the March 2013 "Flowers" photo contest

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A January Wedding

This set has been a long time coming! The day before another Texas "Spring" sets in, I'm already dreaming of cooler weather! It hit a whopping 90 degrees here yesterday, ALREADY?? Congratulations Debby and Bobby Allen, may you spend many frosty winters in each other's arms!



Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dreaming of Spring

The time has come once again, (ALREADY??!) to start thinking of spring and new spring portraits to boot!  I hope these images give you a little spring fever. Please feel free to share, pin, & tweet my work but please do not copy, print, edit, or steal them, it's SO not nice! Model: Melissa Black MUAH: Melissa Bratton of Salon Salon Corpus Christi, TX.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello Me - Self Portrait Light Study

Good Morning Glory!

I rarely post photos of me, okay...I rarely get in front of a camera. I turn onto a complete buffoon (if my son were reading this he would be rolling on the floor laughing...literally) in front of a camera. Sure, I can tell you how to stand, where to stand, what to do, when to do it...come to think of it I'm pretty bossy, yikes! In all seriousness though, I am totally lost  in front of the lens...I think it is especially hard when there is no one else behind the camera. Also, I hate that word "selfie, or selfy," or whatever, however you say it just don't say it around me, PLEASE! I mean for the love of God, how narcissistic are we? *unintentional rant over, sorry*

Anyways, I have been shooting more natural light photos in recent years and I needed to knock the cobwebs off my brain the old  flash heads. The end result...a rekindled love for off camera lighting and some surprisingly "ME" self portraits. So without further, no retouching, (hell, I couldn't even be bothered to brush my hair apparently), no processing, just dropped them in a template, straight out of the camera, no makeup, me...and my ridiculous but favorite wear it every freaking day shirt.

1 vivitar 285HV flash @ 1/16 directly behind me pointed at my back. 1/100, 2.8, ISO 800

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RED Entry - Rock the Shot

Entry for Rock the Shot's RED contest. Head on over there and have a look around!!

Funny, I started out to enter a completely different photo but as I looked through my Lightroom thumbnails to find my entry I realized I have a surplus of photos with red. I must have some subconscious pull to the color red! I really enjoy this photo as I feel it exudes "red" on more than just a literal level.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A little help from my friends

We all get by by with a little help from our friends every once in a while don't we? *interjection (bulk of my rambling blog post to follow then I will get back to my main point)*
I hope this fine Wednesday Thursday morning finds you all well. Here in Southeast Texas there is a bit of a nip in the air, it doesn't get too nippy around here so we take what we can get. I am especially excited about Thanksgiving next week and a friend's Wedding the following weekend. This will be Ladybird's (my youngest's  youngestest  youngests' baby's) first Thanksgiving and our first Thanksgiving away from our extended families. My son has high expectations for a 3 day feast...YES, a 3 day feast!! What the heck are they teaching him in school anyhow??! A 3 day feast, HA! I'm just going to leave that alone.
Moving on...
Ok, so I do have a point (and I will eventually get there). I have been hard at work BTS (that's behind the scenes for those of you that are not in "in the know") to link all my social interfaces together and make sure my branding is coherent throughout, actually writing updating my about me and business profile, planning blogs, posts, etc. Basically, I am starting all over again because I knew that this was an important step considering we are in the age of the internet, but being the exception to every rule, procrastinator that I am I didn't do it. Boy, that was DUMB! Seriously though, keeping up with my online presence can take some serious time away from the whole reason I started this business to begin with...I mean how the heck am I going to find time to shoot photograph people when I'm sitting in front of the computer 27 hours a day? What? There aren't 27 hours in a day, huh...
Ok, so you all just learned something right? If you plan on starting a business (yes even a creative one, we are the absolute worst business people ever, ever, ever!...Most of us are anyhow) and everything says BRANDING is super important, do your marketing research, & link everything together...JUST DO IT. Crap, do I have to pay Nike now??
*End Rambling, lesson*
Back to how you can help me!! I would love to have some feedback from you. I know you all want to see pretty pictures, but in addition to that: What would you like to read about here? How can I keep you hanging on the edge of your seats griping, gripping for more? How can I engage you? My plan is to make this a mixture of a lifestyle/business blog...a glimpse into my  insanity insanity. Less talking? More pictures? So seriously, will you take a few minutes to look around and give me some feedback, what do you, love, hate, want to know? And then please stick around, follow my blog. I'd love the opportunity to entertain you!
*Remember, I can see you (okay I can't really see you but I can see how many people read this) seeing this, please take a moment to help a gal out. I would totally do it for you!*

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tweet, Tweet!

I have started a twitter. I know I am seriously behind the times and I am still having a bit of a time trying to figure it all out. I'm sure I'll be blowing up the twitter feeds in no time at all. Come along and follow me @lisablackphoto